BUILD Magazine Award email #1: "2015 Construction & Engineering"

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Subject: Confirm your nomination - BUILD's 2015 Construction & Engineering Awards




I hope you have received my email last week informing you of your nomination in the 2015 Construction & Engineering Awards.

This means that you have received at least one vote and with your authorisation we can secure a spot for you in our upcoming research process.

If you wish to proceed to the shortlist stage, please send me a quick email stating “I confirm my nomination” and I will mark your vote(s) for consideration right away.

Please note: There is no cost involved in the process.

During the next stage, our dedicated awards committee will be looking into all confirmed nominations and carrying out additional in-house research in order to ensure that we honour only the most outstanding and deserving professionals/companies.

All confirmed nominations will also be able to submit additional supporting information. 

For your convenience, please see below some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the awards. Should you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,
Peter [edited]

Tel: [edited]



How are our winners chosen?

Put simply, we hosted a voting form on our website for over four weeks, during which time we invited the global business community to vote for the company, individual and/or product that they believe has performed best over the past 12 months.


How much will my nomination cost?

There is no cost involved in the process of being nominated. Should you go on to win an award you will automatically be entitled to our honorary package. There will, of course, also be paid options available for winners who wish to feature in our winners supplement.

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