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One of our clients told us that when she was searching for local architects in Walthamstow she couldn’t find us in search results and we were, in fact, recommended to her, but that we should nevertheless try to get there if we want others to find us. She’s right, as a matter of fact. The chartered architect we’re working with lives in Walthamstow – like we do – and she cares a great deal about her community. It would be only right that we create this page for those who are looking for architectural services in this area.

For how long have we been in Walthamstow?

We lived in the area since 2009 but we started House Extensions London in 2013 and haven’t moved out of the neighbourhood since. During this time we created friends here, we learnt to like – or outright fell in love with – a number of architectural jewels in Waltham Forest and we developed a particular taste for William Morris. If you don’t know this, William Morris Gallery is the local pride for many reasons, not least in the context of the profound and dangerous inequality we’re facing right now in the UK. We’re locals in every sense.

So what services do we offer?

In short, excellent architectural services. In more detail, we’re mainly focused on house improvements, home refurbishments and changes of use rather than new developments (albeit we can put you in touch if needed with some well-respected and extremely experienced property developers who also live locally and are not corporations). Namely, we can help you with loft conversions, flat conversions, design and create home extensions, develop outbuildings and building functionality changes or improvements. We provide CAD design and planning services for these, architectural consultancy services, as well as planning applications and architectural survey.

We are quite flexible in how we work and we’re always interested to develop a long term relationship with our clients, as many of them end up recommending us after a while and this is truly the measure of a job well done.

Walthamstow is investing heavily in loft conversions lately and we happen to know more than a thing or two about how homeowners can benefit from converting their lofts into dormitories, personal offices and other purposes. During pandemic, this turned out to be a more common request than we envisioned.

Why work with us, you ask?

Fair question, please see below.

  • Prices — we’re not the most expensive architectural service providers in the area, we know this for a fact (some of our friends took this honour with great results), but we’re not the cheapest – we take pride in our work.
  • Walthamstow-based — said eveything there was to say above, but worth repeating that we enjoy working with local homeowners.
  • RIBA / ARB accreditations – the architect we’re working with is fully accredited and has proved her skills over and over again. Feel free to enquire about the specifics.
  • We’re young and creative – we have tremendous respect for the classics and for those who taught us all we know now, but we believe each generation should cut its own path, within given bounds.
  • We’re transparent – all work is agreed in advance and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the project, lawfulness of developments and other details.

So please feel free to get in touch with us for short chat about home extensions in general or how Walthamstow and other local areas (Blackhorse Village, anyone?) have become so hip and fancy lately, we’re good at that too. If you’re ready to enquire about your project, why not complete our Free Quotation form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We’re also particularly interested in guest posts from local businesses, artists and even politicians, provided that the content is about architecture in general, specific local issues pertaining to building regulations or even your book about the local architecture (we’re crazy about that).