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Walthamstow architects for home extensions and loft conversions

One of our clients told us that when she was searching for local architects in Walthamstow she couldn’t find us in search results and we were, in fact, recommended to her, but that we should nevertheless try to get there if we want others to find us. She’s right. The chartered architect we’re working with lives in Walthamstow and she cares a great deal about her community.

We don’t always know what keywords to use to target searches for our website, partly because this, along with other similar activities, is a continual discovery process; comments like Marie’s – the customer above mentioned – help us in that sense a lot. Though we’re not specifically or exclusively addressing Walthamstow area, there’s value in advertising our services locally, because this is where most of us live and work. We treasure social relationships and we should definitely tell our neighbours and the community at large that we’re here and we’d love to take on their projects.

With each passing year we’re getting better and better at drawing high quality plans for home extensions, advising in terms of development design and functionality and since it looks like Walthamstow is investing heavily in loft conversions lately, we happen to know more than a thing or two about how homeowners can benefit from converting their lofts into dormitories, personal offices and other purposes.

So, please, feel free to get in touch with us for short chat about home extensions in general or how Walthamstow and other local areas (Blackhorse Village, anyone?) have become so hip and fancy lately, we’re good at that too.

So, thanks Marie for pointing out to us that we’re not to be found in search results when locals search for walthamstow architects, hopefully now at least some of our neighbours will find us and say hello if not more.

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