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home extension costs

House extension drawings costs – what to consider

Before going into details, it’s worth noting that Building Regulations approval is a different thing than planning permission. Where the latter is not mandatory, depending on the circumstances, the former is. All the work being done requires approval and is inspected by a building control officer (also known as building control surveyor or building inspector), which is sent by your…

Why brick is an ideal material choice for a housing extension

Why brick is an ideal material choice for a housing extension

Extending your house is a huge task that requires a lot of planning, designing and detail to achieve that perfect addition to your existing home. A huge amount of time, effort and money goes into it, so it’s vital that information around the solutions on offer is readily available for you to digest and support you through the decision-making process.…

walthamstow architects

Walthamstow architects for home extensions and loft conversions

One of our clients told us that when she was searching for local architects in Walthamstow she couldn’t find us in search results and we were, in fact, recommended to her, but that we should nevertheless try to get there if we want others to find us. She’s right. The chartered architect we’re working with lives in Walthamstow and she…

planning permission books

How to Get Planning Permission in 2018 (Essential Planning Permission Books)

Although we generally advise against homeowners trying to apply themselves for planning permission due to the complexity of regulations and the tediousness of dealing with Local Planning Authorities, we do believe it’s a good idea for them to learn what’s involved in this process, why some practices have more success than others and why some local councils have different sets…

build awards

Build News awards – we received 3 for absolutely nothing

We wrote in the past about receiving an award from BUILD News Magazine for invented reasons. Unfortunately things haven’t changed and we kept receiving awards, perhaps because we were the ones who were invited to pay. Someone asked us in a comment whether we can indeed prove that we received these emails, so we’re gonna do just that. In fact,…


Are Build Magazine Awards legit or scam?

Yesterday we received an email from Dan A. of BUILD Magazine (, previously congratulating us on our winning of one of their awards. It came out of the blue, he admits, and it was an interesting surprise for us, because it made some unwarranted assumptions about us and our business.   So, short answer: we can’t tell if the…

The Experimental Architecture Of The Future (Video)

Cool video shows the MIT’s cross-disciplinary approach that could be the next step to build the towers, office blocks, homes, and schools of the future using new technologies, materials and techniques. This is how some of the architecture of the future may look like. From thereon it can only get better, with less clutter, better defined niches, a more philosophical approach to respond to real human needs and solve problems instead of simply looking fantastic.

Gif from the video

Gif from the video / Source:

What will buildings of the future look like and how will they be built? Will they feature dynamic materials that communicate information? How about buildings that can assemble themselves? Or feature rippling computational walls controlled by a smartphone? Or will we, finally, be living on the moon? It’s food for thought and the sort of people who are having debates like that for breakfast are found at places like MITArchitecture. By Kevin Holmes for Vice.

the roman triumph

The Architecture of the Roman Triumph: Monuments, Memory, and Identity

The Architecture of the Roman Triumph: Monuments, Memory, and Identity by Maggie Popkin offers the first critical study of the architecture of the Roman triumph, ancient Rome’s most important victory ritual. The triumph was an elaborate procession celebrating Rome’s military victories and is essential to understanding what was unique about Roman culture. Popkin takes a different look at the ways…

diy architecture books

DIY architecture books for home extensions and renovations

These DIY architecture books are generally meant for the inexperienced but we believe it’s safe to say that even those who do have some degree of experience with architectural drawings or construction works would greatly benefit from these, at least for building up closer to reality expectations if not more. And there’s plenty more indeed. The DIY architecture is not…

The future of urban rooftops [Welcome to the 5th Facade]

“Welcome to the 5th Façade” takes a dystopian approach. Architecturally, the story is about the future of urban rooftops, which Maskin calls “a neglected layer of cities.” In this sense, the tale proposes several easily imagined scenarios, like mechanical vertical farms that rotate around buildings to maximize exposure to sunlight (Maskin says the team consulted a botanist about this story element). The rest of the narrative focuses on the protagonist—a man who has awakened from decades of artificially induced sleep and joined the workforce that makes this new type of city possible. He, like others in the story, wears an augmented reality headset that replaces human contact with a series of intelligent animations. []