Cool video shows the MIT’s cross-disciplinary approach that could be the next step to build the towers, office blocks, homes, and schools of the future using new technologies, materials and techniques. This is how some of the architecture of the future may look like. From thereon it can only get better, with less clutter, better defined niches, a more philosophical approach to respond to real human needs and solve problems instead of simply looking fantastic.

Technology and software can have a tremendous impact on life quality, but we must create real solutions for real people rather than seeking out new ways to monetise opportunities, not the monetisation in itself is a bad thing.

Gif from the video

Gif from the video / Source:

What will buildings of the future look like and how will they be built? Will they feature dynamic materials that communicate information? How about buildings that can assemble themselves? Or feature rippling computational walls controlled by a smartphone? Or will we, finally, be living on the moon? It’s food for thought and the sort of people who are having debates like that for breakfast are found at places like MITArchitecture. By Kevin Holmes for Vice.

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  1. Jane says:

    Very exciting look into what the future of architecture may hold. It’s great to see the modern developments changing the way in which buildings may look and be developed.


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