Guest posting

Guest posts

We are always interested in presenting our readers with high quality informative content and we accept guest posts provided that they satisfy the criteria below. We want to ensure HED continues to be a relevant and trustworthy source of information for our readers and for this reason we don’t accept most submissions unfortunately. In fact, almost 90% of the content submissions we receive are turned down on the basis of poor quality; either inaccurate facts and claims are slipped in, the language is too “salesy” and an obvious piece of marketing, the tone and quality of the writing is not suitable for HED or other similar reasons.

So while we’re very interested in working with you in this respect, we’re also quite concerned about how we are perceived by our clients, readers, search engines and others in the industry. Good quality content can go a long way, whereas low quality guest posts do more damage than good and we want to avoid this.

Original content only

Content cannot be copied from somewhere else or copied from to another website. If we discover at a later date that the content was reproduced from some other website, we reserve the right to remove it without warning or money back.

The quality is not debatable

The content needs to be grammatically and factually correct and well-written, with 3rd party references where possible. Please use respected sources like well-known news websites (no Daily Mail-level sites are accepted though); Wikipedia is not ideal but decent, Google Scholar and other authoritative, trusted sources are quite good.

The style cannot be overly formulaic, for example: “5 reasons why bricklayers use [brand name]”. The internet is full of these templated SEO-driven articles, please write something better.

Use subheadings to break down the main points. Don’t sell, describe and present.

In-depth content

We want content that’s between 800 and 1500 words, treats a topic with deference and the audience with respect. “5 Reasons Why Home Extensions Are The New Black” -type of content is simply not acceptable. If the purpose of your article focuses on backlinks and brand mentions, we will reject it. You need to ensure there’s enough genuine value for the readers in the content.

Relevant content

The content needs to be relevant to our existing audience: architects and construction specialists designing and building home extensions and lofts, as well as home owners who consider investing in – or are in the process of creating – home extensions and lofts. Other relevant content could be information regarding the legislation, house extension design ideas, building materials, costs depending on the location in the UK, history of the various types of architcture, specialised software etc.

You may wonder what’s up with these crazy rules. The rules are to deter most marketers from ever trying to put low-effort content on our website. We really want the content to be adequate for this website rather than turn our blog into an link-building platform for your SEO agency.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for guest posts?

Yes. We charge an £150 admin fee to put up an article.

How long will the articles stay online?

We guarantee that your article will stay online for at least one year, provided that:

  • HED website will not get hacked and by some accident we lose all the content,
  • HED as a business/website doesn’t close down,
  • there are no legal or spam issues with the content discovered after the publication.

How many links to our website can we add?

One. You will probably get flagged by Google if you add more than two anyway, but we also want to keep things decent in our garden and don’t turn the blog into a spamming resource that will help no one. That link will use rel="sponsored" or rel="nofollow".

How many images can we use?

One or two images per guest post are accepted, unless a gallery of images is part of the content. You must have the right to use them, we don’t accept any responsibility for improper use of copyrights.

What about ChatGPT-like content spinners?

You’re playing with fire, which means you’re making us play with fire against our best knowledge. Do not use content spinners and AI-tools like ChatGPT to produce content! We don’t always catch it on time, but once we do your content will be removed without any notification, refunds or appeals. This is because Google is quickly catching up with this kind of content and our whole website stands to suffer as a result of your content. No, thank you.

Can we amend the article later on?

Amendments to the guest posts are possible provided they’re not too significant, but we reserve the right to charge a £50 fee for this. We will also add a note at the end of the article, informing the users about the change(s).

Please note that we reserve the right to take down any guest post if we believe it puts HED in a bad light or for any other reason, as well as add internal links to any page on this website. We also make it clear to the readers that guest post content is sponsored.

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    I understand that there is a £150 non-negotiable admin fee to put up an article.