CAD drawings for house extensions

CAD drawings for house extensions

House Extension Designs London is happy to offer 2D Architectural CAD Drawing services, Designing, Conversion & Detailing services and Drafting for businesses and individuals, along with design conselling for your house extension.

Having gathered all the necessary information about the style, scale and having taken the measurements as part of our comprehensive survey package for the considered property, we offer quick and precise CAD drawings in record time for your existing and/or proposed property. We like to have a close professional relationship with our clients, so rest assured we will consult you at every stage of this process and keep you updated on the progress.

If you provide us with some inputs (can be sketches, CAD files, online and electronic documents, photographs etc.), we will then be able to prepare the complete document set required for submission, such as the foundation, floor and roof plans, building sections, wall sections, potential elevations, window or door schedules and other important details, as required.

You can enquire at any stage of the design process, be that at the conceptual phase or the construction drawings.

Should you for example have any last minute amendments or you have changed your mind, we will be happy to make it so, provided that such decisions can be made still.

You will be working with experienced CAD Draughtsmen and we approach all projects, large or small, with the same professionalism and courtesy. We understand that not all projects are the same and, certainly, not all relationships work as smooth as we’d love them to, but we take pride in all of our projects and we work closely with the client from inception to completion as we strive to deliver on time and on budget.

What about my CAD drawing files?

We treat the files you entrusted us with with the same ethos we treat our customers. All of the customers’ drawing files are securely stored for as long as we work together.