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Walthamstow architects for home extensions and loft conversions

Walthamstow is investing heavily in loft conversions lately and we happen to know more than a thing or two about how homeowners can benefit from converting their lofts into dormitories, personal offices and other purposes. During pandemic, this turned out to be a more common request than we envisioned.
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Build News awards – we received 3 for absolutely nothing

We wrote in the past about receiving an award from BUILD News Magazine for invented reasons. Unfortunately things haven't changed and we kept receiving awards, perhaps because we were the ones who were invited to pay. Someone asked us in…

Are Build Magazine Awards legit or scam?

Yesterday we received an email from Dan A. of BUILD Magazine (, previously congratulating us on our winning of one of their awards. It came out of the blue, he admits, and it was an interesting surprise for us,…