Building Regulations Applications and Submissions

Building Regulations Applications and Submissions

We offer comprehensive building regulations applications help and advice and walk through the processstep by step, as needed. Alternatively, we can undertake the entire building regulations applications and submission process for you, to give you peace of mind that everything is being taken care of without you having to worry at all about compliance.


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What are Building Regulations

The Building Regulations are a set of minimum requirements for the construction and modifications of buildings, developed by the UK Government. In order for buildings to become lawful developments, the designs, construction and alterations must comply with the Regulations and obtain and approval by or through a building control body (BCB). Everything from the actual structure, fire & hot water safety and to water efficiency measures is covered under these regulations, as they are meant to standardise construction developments and ensure a set of safesty standards are in place.

When building a house extension, for example, that development constitutes an alteration to an existing structure and falls under the building regulations legislation. Though not all alterations automatically need approval, most do.


Building Regulations Approval

There are two ways you can obtain approval for your development: by applying either through your local council (some councils make it easier than others) or through a private approved inspector, which will give an initial notice to you local authority. These are called Building Control Bodies and, should all be in order whne they inspect your project, they will approve the development.


How we can help

As the legislation regarding home developments can sometimes provide multiple forms of applying to get your development done, we are always happy to advise you about the necessary approvals you will need to get from the Local Planning Authorities prior to starting construction.

The legislation can also change or improve sometimes; should that be the case when you and us have already started working on your building development or remodelling project, we will inform you and keep you up to date with how can that affect your existing plan or building regulations application. It doesn’t usually involve other expenses from your part, but if it will, you will be given notice about it in due time. We don’t like surprises in this sense and we do our outmost to avoid them. However, sometimes this is not possible since legislation and councils can alter the existing regulations and some of the construction conditions.

As architectural design consultants, we will counsel you on which is the most time-and-money-efficient path to follow in applying to the Council and we will explain everything in detail, so you’re always kept informed regarding what is happening.

We have worked with more than 100 cases in the past 12 months and we’re happy to say we have a rather high approval success rate with your planning permission applications. We will liaise with the Council on your behalf to help you create additional living spaces in your property or alter design and structures according to needs. Whether the application for building regulations approval goes through your local council or a private building control body, such as an approved inspector from the Construction Industry Council, we can esure the process goes smooth for you and make the process pain-free and easy.

Fully CAD operational with migration and translation capability, multi-format input/output, for your convenience.


Building Regulations Applications


You can learn more about building regulations applications from the Gov.UK website and theĀ  Local Government Association briefing document (PDF, 91.3KB) (archived version): Building regulations and building control – 26 June 2017.

Are you looking to learn more on your own about how to obtain planning permission? Have a look at these planning permission books and decide if it’s something you can do by yourself or not.