UK strengthens energy performance requirements in Part L of the Building Regulations

The UK Government strengthens energy performance requirements in Part L (conservation of fuel and power) of the Building Regulations and wound down. The note sets out how government intends to proceed with each of the standards examined in the Housing standards review consultation.

energy efficiency

energy efficiency

Part L of the Building Regulations has been amended in 2013 and includes new versions of L1A, L2A, Domestic & Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guides and some changes to Approved Document L1B and L2B; these changes however, will come into effect starting with 6 April 2014.

For a complete list of changes, please see the official – free to download – documents on the Planning Portal.

The housing standards review of the Building Regulations – the note supporting the ministerial statement – can be accessed on the official website (PDF). You can also see the published policies from 14 March 2014.

The amened Building Regulations tackle the following:

  • Access (an optional level of accessibility will be introduced in Part M which will set out  criteria for age friendly, accessible and adaptable housing.)
  • Security (recognised value of a single minimum security standard for new homes, based on industry’s best practice)
  • Water [a new, tighter level of water efficiency into the Building Regulations, to be set at 110 litres/person/day (lpd)]
  • Energy [a “Building Regulations only” approach, with no optional additional local standards in excess of the provisions set out in Part L of the Regulations; strengthening of the energy performance requirements (incorporating carbon
    compliance, energy efficient fabric and services), and the delivery of allowable solutions]
  • Space ( a new national standard – not a Building Regulation – which will offer a consistent set of requirements with regard to the internal area of new homes).

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